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So, I was anticipating this new release to hopefully clear up these ridiculous problems with Cover Flow, but I am still experiencing the same issues as before, can a few of you chime in here with some feedback as to whether or not you are having similar issues and if so, have have you overcome them?

1. I have seen many complaints regarding the album art not downloading properly, i.e. the wrong art is selected for a particluar album. This really shouldn't be that hard for Apple to fix - if the auto process ever worked properly for me (see below) then we should have the ability to just drag and drop the cover from the "spy window" feature if it gets a few of them wrong from time to time.

2. The preferences already has "Automatically download missing album artwork" as the default setting, but I have yet to figure out why this process does nothing. I have had to manually download each and every cover that I could get from iTunes.

Is this user error on my part? I think the most annoying part of this is the auto-download feature because I have close 400 albums that I would like to have displayed in Cover Flow. If anyone here can provide me with some tips/feedback, I would very much appreciate it.



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    Sorry, I can only agree with you. But, I have one more problem, version 6.x took about 5-10% of my slow cpu, version 7.0.1 eats 60%, which makes iTunes unusable, so, I stick with winamp for the time beeing.

    But I guess the last problem is best solved with a new computer
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    The auto download is only for automatically downloading art when ripping a cd AFAIK.
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    how do you delete album artwork?
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    Originally Posted by icibaqu

    how do you delete album artwork?

    Click on the middle button between the song display and search window - I think its called "Album View" and you'll see your library segmented by album.

    Control+click the artwork and you should see an option for clearing the artwork. It has worked more often than not for me, but at times it will not erase the picture it erroneously placed there on the first time around.

    For example, I own Bjork's 'Homogenic' and although the album is in the iTunes store, it will only select two incorrrect covers when I try to download. Just frustrating as shit.
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