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Is there a way to have software update search for updates in more places then just the main Applications folder? I have my iLife suite in an iLife folder inside Applications, and it won't find updates for it unless its in the main Applications folder. I also have an applications folder thats in my User and it doesn't seem to find updates for those programs too. Any ideas?


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    mr. hmr. h Posts: 4,797member
    What you want is not possible, sorry. It's best to leave your applications where Apple put them. If you want something more organised than that, create a new folder in your home directory, and use aliases to the original apps.

    You can create aliases by dragging files whilst holding down the option (alt) and command (apple) keys together.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    SU assumes that if an Apple app is not in the Apps folder, that it was moved for a reason.

    To have it search everywhere would mean that you would have no way of hiding apps from SU, which some people in some circumstances might want to do (say, to keep an old version of Safari during an archive and install).

    If an Apple app is in a subfolder, SU will put the update loose in /Apps as it usually does, so you will have 2 copies of the app. Which one will launch from a document double-click is undefined.
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