New iTunes Does not Fix Smart Playlist Issues and OnTheGO Playlists

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
I just updated to the new iTunes and my Smart Playlists are not being synced properly. Anyone else having this problem? Oh BTW it seems it only happens with the new 2nd generation Nano. Also.. if you have one of these and have more than 3gb in music.. try adding a whole album or artists to the onthego doesnt work for me....


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    Yea same here its not working still. I even went to pc world and got a refund, brought it from another shop and it still dont work
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    All new nano ipods have this problem, doesnt matter how many times you get a new one. This has to be fixed through an ipod update.. the problem is that people are not complaining at applecare, so they do not think its a big issue... call and complain!
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