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I'm hoping to buy a Macbook but I was just browsing the forums and have seen all the talk about the Macbook Pros being updated soon... so I was wondering if people think the Macbooks will be updated too? Or will this just happen to the Pros?



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    gdoggdog Posts: 224member
    the rumor is by the holidays. i guess that is thanksgiving or christmas. i hate not having the latest thing but the 2 gig macbook is great already,
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    wait till tuesday. if it doesnt happen tuesday dont worry about it. ive got one and it runs great. dont torture yourself waiting. its not going to be a huge upgrade. just a tweak. for the macbook anyway
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    i multi task ALOT, the processor barely strains. if anything its a ram hog. atleast one gig is what you'd aim for. 2 gig even better.
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