Skype Phone

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Putting this in FH because it isn't available yet; I'm thinking of getting one of these.

Q: at $189 is it worth it?

Will other competing products (from Apple?) be coming out and will they be cheaper?

Will the quality of the transmission be better than on my Mac?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,804moderator
    I doubt you'd be able to use it very much unless you are constantly in a wireless network. If it was a regular phone with Skype capability then I think it would be pretty good. I'd imagine it will have better transmission quality than a computer. The hardware will be designed to work well otherwise it wouldn't sell.

    I'd wait until it was fully tested and reviewed first. It looks very nice though and I think all phones will eventually go Skype. People are fed up paying so much money for basic communication.
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