Refurb and Wait? Or Merom MBPs?

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So I was waiting for the Merom MBP's, but now I'm thinking that I should maybe wait for Leopard and the totally redone MBP's in like Q1 2007 asnd buy a refurbed MBP for now until then. I mean, the refurbed MBPs are like 2100 at the apple site, and I was wondering how much I can sell it for when the next gen comes out? How much money will I lose? stuff like that.

Thanks in advance for feedback.


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    I think you should wait until the MacBook Pro ships with a Merom before purchasing. Let me tell you a quick story. I bought my iBook G4, with Panther pre-installed, on 11/8/2003, 18 days after Apple stopped selling G3 iBooks and 15 days after Apple started selling Panther. Had I purchased my iBook three weeks earlier I would have bought an "old" OS and "old" hardware. The OS would have been an inconvenience causing me to spend another $129.00 but the G3 (ie no Altivec) would have pissed me off.

    The iMacs already ship with Meroms so Apple could do a silent update anytime. If the MacBook Pro does get "totally redone" I would not expect it until the hardware refresh after Leopard ships. You selling a used 32-bit MacBook Pro when Apple is selling 64-bit MacBook Pros is not the same as you selling a 32-bit 2.0 GHz MacBook Pro when Apple is selling a 32-bit 2.5 GHz MacBook Pro. Also, you will not be the only one trying to sell a 32-bit MacBook Pro.
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    just expect a loss when you sell any computer. its worse than a new car, value drops instantly as you walk out the door. six months to a year...the world has changed.

    i wouldn't buy new until leopard, but refurbished right now is fine.
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