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Does anyone know of a software app that runs in OSX for Search Engine submissions - I use VSE Be Found but they have no plans on developing an OSX version - which I think is commercial suicide.

Any other apps recommeded would be most welcome

Thanks in advance



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    I don't know of any applications that do this under OS X, but this is a good website that does it:

    <a href="http://www.gamerzxtreme.net/webtools/submitsite.html"; target="_blank">http://www.gamerzxtreme.net/webtools/submitsite.html</a>;
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    It seems odd that a company with a unique product should leave a gap in the market. They say that research indicates there's no demand. Well I demanded it 5 years ago and I suspect I'm not alone.

    Anyway, I recommend you use RAGE Google Sitemap Automator.


    This creates a sitemap.xml file which you upload to your web site then register it with Google (through the RAGE interface).

    My tests indicate that your site will then be "spidered" by Google within 24 hours and registered within 5 days (7 days top). You can test that it's registered by searching Google for a unique word or phrase that's on your web site and nowhere else.

    I still use VSE Be Found in Classic mode but this RAGE software is what gets Google interested!

    (I have no connection with this company except as a satisfied user etc.)
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