What would I need to pony up for a C2D MBP?

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Looking forward to an announcement in January, hopefully sooner, if the rumors hold up. I guess my question is twofold-- what's the price point these machines get released at? (I have an edu discount; alas a parent's work is never done .)

I have the last gen. custom PB -- 2GB (Crucial 1GB)/DL SD/100GB-5400RPM. So what's the current resale value of these particular units (really hard to find this on eBay)?

Further thoughts; thanks.


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    I'd say under 1200 dollars. And the value is falling fast from what I've seen on eBay. Craigslist might get you a bit more. 1300+
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    Wow... craigslist over eBay. Huh.

    I'm OK with that devalue; it's the last of the PPC line, alas, so the depreciation from say, the 1.5 wasn't as harsh to the 1.67, but now, the MBPs have introduced a whole new ballgame. Oh well. It's basically paid for (the difference), I just want to see if I want to put x remainder into college funds for the kids, retirement, or both, know what I'm sayin'?
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    Craigslist is higher because I've found that people are more willing to buy off it.

    Correct me if I'm wrong though. I know i'd spend more on Craigslist then eBay. BTW, how much do you want, i'll take a look at my...funds.
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