Here's my take (portable device coming)

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First, there's rumors of an Apple ultra-portable coming. My first assumption was a laptop, but now I'm having my doubts.

Then, there's the T-Mobile articles where the guy gushes about how great OS X is. T-Mobile purchased an as-yet unused band all across the USA, BTW.

Then there's rumors of an Apple iPhone, which would be like an iPod but with cellular capabilities.

I think the iPhone is going to be much more than that... I think it's going to be a brand new, one-of-a-kind, market-creating device that's going to hand Blackberry its ass. Which is unfortunate, as I like Blackberries. While M$ is busy catching up to the iPod, I think there may be a portable OS X device that's going to be the next iPod


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    Some kind of tablet would be awesome.. Lightweight, long battery time, cell-phone capability, Mac OS X, handwriting recoignition.
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    mrtotesmrtotes Posts: 759member
    Steve: "...and one more thing.... Now we know many of you have been asking for this product. Well you know we've never announced the official disbanding of the Newton team. And today I can tell you that we've had every single version of OS X running on the Newton X... " Boom!

    After all Apple did buy out Newton Inc when Mr Jobs took over again...
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    No kidding.

    I still own, use, and love, a Newton MessagePad 2000. I haven't found a handheld yet that is as useful. Much of the DNA of the Newton is in MacOS X now... the Dock, CoreData, ubiquitous data stores accessible through nice APIs (Address Book, for instance), and of course Ink. It's like 95% there already.
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    mr. dirkmr. dirk Posts: 187member
    You know that domain name that's registered to Apple? It seems strange to me that the name of the iPhone would be "iTunes Mobile" instead of playing off the iPod brand--so maybe the idea of a device like the one you guys have descirbed is what they'd be going for. Of course, iTunes Mobile may just be the software name, or they may have registered only "just in case" (
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    I agree! Everyone is getting so wrapped up in the iPhone and the iPod Video rumors, that we might have overlooked the fact that this new device might include BOTH features?! This way this new top of the line iPod would come with BONUS, mobile OS X AND cellular capabilities.
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    Well, and the AI-predicted Apple Ultraportable and the ThinkSecret-predicted iPhone are due at the same time.
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