Latest Apple Store Refurb Experience....

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Knowing that MBP's with merom are very soon, but not wanting the first one (rather wait until leopard).. and knowing that the Intel Macbooks and iMac's are fantastic machines (have both), I decided to get rid of both the Macbook and iMac for a reconditioned Macbook Pro to hold me over until mid 2007.

1699 for 2.0ghz machine with an x1600 sounded pretty nice. So I ordered it.

It showed up with a disfunctional latch and a missing someone messed up in the refurb department. The apple store 'adjusted' the latch and added a screw in about 2 seconds so that was fixed.

for the good news: it has a 100gb drive rather than the 80gb listed on the store...nice!

Other than that, its working fine, looks great, runs fairly cool. If anything though, the 1.83ghz Macbook I have is slightly faster..not sure why that would be. Both are outfitted with 2gb ram. The only thing the Macbook has that's better is a 7200rpm 100gb drive, but that shouldn't be noticeable at all.

So off I go to play CS:S under bootcamp... overclocked X1600 of course!
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