Help! iTunes7 ate my iPod

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Hi there

Hoping one of you brilliant mac-minds can help me with a problem i have experienced and seem incapable of solving alone.

I am running mac os x (10.4.7) and have an iPod mini. Updating to iTunes 7 (why oh why oh why?) the software crashed the computer when I plugged in my iPod. To get out of the freeze (Brrrrr) I unplugged the iPod and since then my mac refuses to recognise it, telling me

The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer

I Press ignore, open iTunes and it tells me:

Itunes has detected an ipod that appears to be corrupted. You may need to restore this ipod before I can be used with iTunes. You may also try disconnecting and reconnecting the iPod.

I Press OK and then restore. The Mac Checks for new software and asks me:

Are you sure you want to restore the ipod to its factory settings? All of your songs and other data will be erased.

I Press restore the Mac asks for password authentication and then shows banner ? restoring ipod. After about two hours the mac tells me:

The iPod could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1418)

I have resetting to disk mode on the iPod, but I always end up at this 1418 error. Although all my songs have been erased from its memory the iPod looks fine showing me all menus etc.

any ideas guys?

be most grateful

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