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Does anyone know of an app that shows/monitors RAM usage in OS X (a la "About this Mac" in OS 9). Thanks in advance.

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    kecksykecksy Posts: 1,002member
    Try Memory Usage Getter ( <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; )

    "Memory Usage Getter replaces the ?About this Macintosh...? memory displaying functionality from OS 9 that is missing in OS X. Processes and open applications are separated into 3 convenient tabs, ?Applications?, ?Other User Processes?, and ?System Processes?, which you can then browse through. Items at the top of each tab are the largest memory users. Each item includes a numerical value for the amount of memory being used as well as a progress bar to provide useful information at a glance. Memory Usage Getter also displays overall memory usage so you can see at a glance how much memory is free."

    Hope that helps.
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    There is a very good reason that the memory info is not shown any more. That's because it is not relevant!!

    The memory system is *extremely* different in OSX compared to OS9. Everything is dynamic. Some memory is shared, some is virtual, smne is hard wired, but NONE of it requires any user intervention. Specifically, this is why you don't have to set memory allocations any more.

    Please, read John Siracusa's article about <a href=""; target="_blank">Mac OS X 10.1</a>, specifically the section about <a href=""; target="_blank">Memory Usage</a>. That should answer most of your questions regarding the changes in memory from OS9 to OSX.

    As for the Memory Usage Getter, I **strongly** recommend you not use it to rely on when you do or don't have free memory, as you would with the About Mac in OS9. As I mentioned before, memory usage is dynamic in Mac OS X and will grow and shrink as apps need memory. Virtual memory is also allocated dynamically, based on what is immediately needed.
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    r3dx0rr3dx0r Posts: 201member
    well, you could just type 'top' in the terminal.

    i just use it to check how much %cpu certain apps use though.
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    rogue27rogue27 Posts: 607member
    The way OS X uses memory, it will all be used up in most situations. That isn't a bad thing.
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    First off, thanks, Pismo. Simple question. Simple answer.

    Secondly, sorry if I offended any of you eltitsts. I have the max 1.5GB of RAM installed. I wasn't asking because I was running out of RAM. I was asking because I am showing an avid OS 9 user the OS X basics and I WAS NOT about to start showing him the Terminal! (Though I did show him how it looks when apps are using the CPU.) It was the only way to show him what Dynamic RAM Allocation means.
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    applications --&gt; utilities --&gt; process viewer

    no d/l req'd. already in X.

    now if your OS 9 user is asking because he wants to try and increase memory allocation like the get info box in 9, be sure to explain that a classic session can only receive 999Mb of RAM, despite the fact your box is maxed at 1.5Gb, so if he tries to crank the settings inside classic too high, the X shell will ignore 2G per app settings.

    alternatively, you could tell him "ours go up to 11"
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