Red nano ships!

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Here it is!

Too bad I was hoping for a red click wheel but oh well.


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    dac0nvudac0nvu Posts: 175member
    OK, but what's with all the "(PRODUCT)"? Is that part of the name? Sorry, but I haven't had my coffee yet.
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    The (PRODUCT) thing is part of the whole RED campaign. They're doing it with many different things like phones, watches, credit cards, shoes etc, so they need some sort of umbrella name.
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    really want one, but i have a video one already.
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    Originally Posted by iChina

    really want one, but i have a video one already.

    take up running, that'll give you an excuse to get one. (sorry of your in a wheelchair)
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    Apparently, it's Jobs who wanted the PRODUCT label to be included, so that people know this is a special edition product, not just a red ipod.
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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member
    I ordered one online with laser engraving last night. I received an email this morning about the shipment. It's quick.
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