interesting .mac email i received today...

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full transcript below...


Dear .Mac trial member,

Since we announced .Mac in July, we've welcomed thousands of new members into the .Mac community, and we can't wait to add more. As a former iTools member, now when you convert from a trial to a paid .Mac membership before September 30, 2002, your first year of .Mac membership will automatically be extended to September 30, 2003. That means that the sooner you join, the more time you get to enjoy the full benefits of .Mac membership, including expanded iDisk and mail storage, Virex virus protection, peace of mind with Backup, and more. So join today and start enjoying those benefits right away. We look forward to welcoming you into the .Mac community.\tÂ*



Apple Computer

P.S. If you've already converted from your free trial to a paid membership, rest assured. We've automatically extended your membership to September 30, 2003. Stay tuned for more membership benefits coming soon!


okay, call me a cynic, but doesn't this sound as though apple is NOT getting as many full-membership sign-ups as they had hoped - especially since everyone knows that the trial membership works okay, and, before this statement, your account expired one-year later, no matter what?

i wonder what kind of specials, deals, and dare i say BUNDLES (my idea, apple... it's okay. i sent you the email. i'll just take the credit later, that's all) will happen post-sept. 30.



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    pesipesi Posts: 424member
    i'm thinking they're just looking to get as many paid members as possible within the next couple days, so that on the 24th, when they issue the official press release for Jaguar, they can pad it with "and xxxx people have already signed up for .Mac"

    also... they know that many people are holding out until the end of the trial period. when does the current fiscal quarter end? could have something to do with getting some decent numbers before then as well.

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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    People have been waiting to sign up. It was really a no-brainer. I had to upgrade a couple weeks ago b/c I needed the web space for pictures of my nephews birth and I didn't want to move stuff off the site just to save a couple weeks. Needless to say, I'm happy. This will allow apple to get a much better idea of how many current users will sign up. Truth be told, I don't think Apple cares either way how many people sign up. iTools was a definite money losing proposition for them. .mac will pay for itself or at least loss less money.

    Bundles, however, as also a no-brainer. I could easily see companies bundling a year of .mac service with a purchase. (BTW, I mentioned this when it first came out. Do a search )
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    And if Apple were REALLY REALLY smart they would give one year of .mac subscription with every Mac sold AND with each copy of 10.3, 10.4 aso sold.
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Yeah, I just got one of those as well.

    Cynicism aside, I would like to think this is an example of the listening that Apple said it would be doing to customer's comments.
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