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Ok I was playing around with Entourage last night and find it to be a very good email program. It even seems better than Outlook on the PC side when I used to own my PC. Currently I'm using Mail.app and I don't want to fully switch over to Entourage to go back to the new updated Mail.app with OS 10.2. Any one that currently uses the new Mail.app with in 10.2 please post your comments. I'm just trying to save my self some time. Thanks.


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    Stick to Mail.app! While Entourage features a lot of bells and whistles it's interface is bloated and ugly. Mail.app doesn only eMails but like the iApps (it should be called iMail :-) it does this special thing exremely well. The junk mail filter works awesome after 2 weeks of training mode. iCal is a very nice addition to Mail and will give you substantially more imho. As well as your soul beeing MS free. Don'T forget that Entourage has a hefty street price as it's only (legally) availabe with Office v.X. (which is utterly crappy imho)
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    True I'm going to use Entourage strickly as my business email and leave Mail.app to my personal stuff since it does that very well and it just has the MacOS feel Thanks for the input.
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    I've used Entourage (v.X) since December for my work email and I can't say loudly enough that eight months are long enough. I lasted longer with Eudora in X, which I used for other work email and personal email. Ask anyone who's tried Eudora in OS X and they'll tell you how bad it is. I liked it better than Entourage.

    This past week, I switched both sets of email over to Apple's free Mail program. This is the 10.1 version of Mail. I switched it over now because I didn't want to deal with importing mailboxes AND nuking a hard disk AND installing a new OS all at the same time next weekend.

    It has some drawbacks (like rules aren't as easy to create--I had over 800 filters in Eudora), but I would never recommend anyone leave Entourage for it. If the new version is even better, then all the more reason to stay.

    What I liked about Entourage: Stable when compared to Eudora for X. And I prefer one window to many, as in Eudora. That's about it.

    What I didn't like: all your email is stored in one file. One database. It can be huge and if that one file gets corrupted, you could lose everything. It's slow. Slower than Eudora in OS X even. Its activity window makes it difficult to minimize. You double click it the application window and it goes to the dock. You COMMAND-tab to switch back to Entourage while you're working with other files and what happens? The activity window (this tiny thing) comes to the front and Entourage stays in the dock. If you're using the calendar and other Entourage "features" then you have easy access at the top left of the app window. If you don't, well, then you lose a fourth of space you could be using to view mailboxes when you have a lot of them. No way to get rid of the calendar and other crap. YML host Shawn King said how he used the calendar in Entourage. He hated it.

    So, as you can see, I have no opinion about what you should do whatsoever. Except to urge you to stay away from Entourage. Word is pretty good, though.

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