A better way to use "Address Book" ??

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I use the Palm 3rd party software "Agendus" to manage my contacts. Agendus allows there to be a 3 tier hierarchy of folders within folders:

(Group - Company - Contact)

As it is, Palm's default software "Contacts" and Apple's "Address Book" allow for a 2 tier hierarchy of: Groups - Contacts. I find the former more valuable for my needs.

I know most people would just say, "make a few smart folders and be done with it." I have 800 contacts. The contacts are in 15 groups. Each group has between 10 - 20 Companies in it. And each Company has between 3 - 40 Contacts in it. In stead of just having 15 smart folders, I would have:

(# of groups)x(average # of companies per group)

That's (15)x(15) = 225 smart folders! And all 225 smart folders would be all mixed up together, instead of in their respective group folder.

On a similar note, I work for a school district. To look up an employee on the district website their is a hierarchy of links:

(School District - School - Department - Teacher)

I could just search for the teacher directly but if I want to see everyone in the teacher's department from a particular school from within the district, I should go threw the links.

With soon approaching a thousand Contacts, it is very valuable to organize my contracts in a hierarchy system like that of the school districts website.

Does anyone know if there is a way to for "Address Book" to work in this way?

Additionally, Is there anyway in Address book to search by phone number? I received a text today and did not know who it came from. It took me ten minutes of searching through the most likely people before I figured out who it was. There must be a better way.


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    [QUOTE=danceclimber]Additionally, Is there anyway in Address book to search by phone number?/QUOTE]

    Type the phone number into the search box at the top of the window.
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