Screen Saver Problems! Please Help

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Hey. Ok this is what happend. I was playing around with the screen saver settings, seeing the difference between 2, 5, 7 rows in the album artwork screen saver. I would change the setting than click test. Well when I tried to do 2 rows, the computer had an error and system preferences crashed. Well I tried to re-open and now whenever I go to screen saver settings system preferences crashes!! I can click on desktop background and screen saver fine. But when I click on the screen saver tab within that section of System Preferences it crashes. I tried restarting it didnt help at all. And when I am in screen saver for the 1 second before it crashes the list along of options doenst appear. Just all blank.

Please help this is really irritating!



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    As a first step, try repairing permissions. I have a feeling that some sort .plst file got corrupted, though. I'm no expert and can't speak with any certainty about anything, but this may be a corrupted preferences file that can be dumped and OS X will recreate.

    You should wait for more feedback before dumping anything.
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    how do I repair permissions?
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    Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility

    Select your hard drive on the left hand side and hit the Repair Permissions button.
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    That Didn't work... damnit this is annoying.

    the system pref crashes, than i click reopen and it crashes again (only when i go to screen saver mode). Than a new message comes up that asks me if i want to try the default settings. I click try again and it works. i can go into screen saver mode and all my own settings are gone. so i switch the screen saver to whatever and i exit, but than a message box comes up that says do you want to use the new settings or orginial settings? I've done it a few times and it doesnt matter which one i choose, because it doesnt change anything, system preferences still crashes when i go into screen saver section. No matte which of the two options i choose (keep or use original settings)
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