Any possibilty of an Apple PDA?

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I haven't heard anything for years about this one, but thought I'd throw it out there.

Now that I'm a year and a half into my switch from PC to a Mac, I'm totally sold on Apple products. Next to my computer and iPod, my most treasured/useful gadget is my Treo.

The Palm OS is dying on the vine, and Windows Mobile 5 is....well....Windows.

Seems like Apple, with its attention to design and user interface, could make a killer PDA (with or without a phone). The few rumors I've read about the iPhone is that it's Apple tie-in will be iTunes.

Any chance they are secretly working on a PDA phone??


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    gugygugy Posts: 794member
    They might incorporate a PDA on the upcoming iPhone.
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    drnatdrnat Posts: 142member
    I would love an apple OS X mobile PDA - would work well with a full, widescreen video ipod - come on apple - you know you want to!!!!
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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Originally Posted by Argelius


    Any chance they are secretly working on a PDA phone??

    It's no secret. It is called the Newton. Apple has been there, done that, and lost its T-shirt.
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    I know it's a pipe dream...but I would love to see a new Newton. Still have fond memories of my 2100. I've still got it lying around and used it until quite recently actually. I got quite a few odd stares when I would pull it out at Starbucks and jot something down on it. My brother-in-law always got a kick out of seeing me use it and started referring to it as my "lap-pilot" (they were quite a bit bigger than a traditional PDA).

    People would ask about it and were always pretty impressed when I showed them some of the features. They would be even more blown away when I told them it was 10 year old tech. It really was way ahead of it's time. Too bad the rechargable battery finally bit the dust.

    check it out for the basic overview:

    Miss my Newton...
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    bentonbenton Posts: 161member
    How about a combo e-reader, pda and Mac Book with a swivel screen?
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    There are a lot of different options for an Apple "PDA":

    The Apple UMPC was rumor was generated after a couple of Apple Patents a recent thread on the subject can be found here: Apple seen delivering "ultra-portable" at Macworld

    The Apple iPhone "Smartphone" is a rumor that is gaining traction, recently in the news the forum thread on it can be found here: Prudential: Apple to release two iPhone models, one with WiFi

    Dedicated PDAs are a dying breed. No one wants to carry their iPod, phone, wallet, keys, and PDA at the same time. Not to mention development of/for PDAs has really slowed down within the past couple of years.
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    blipblip Posts: 23member
    I have a Dell x50v which I love for its hardware but hate...well, maybe strongly dislike for its software. Hardwarewise you could put in a 4gb (or bigger) and actually have (more than) a fullblown pmp with the help of the *superb*, hardware accelerated (the 16mb Intel G2700) TCPMP-player. I just copy whatever media-file I want to the sd-card and it plays flawlessly (as long as it isn't h264 but I hear the support is coming). The sound chip is supposedly the same as 4G (IIRC) iPod and there's an inofficial eq-plugin for the chip as well. But i have to tell you, it sounds really good with my Audio Technica ES5-phones. So far happiness all around but...

    Then there's the gui... I'm not a Windows-hater of any kind, I just happen to like my Mac/OSX alot better, but with Windows Mobile it's as if they tried to shoehorn in a fullblown version of Windows (with registry and all - true!) which frankly is just too slow for mobile implementation.

    To me there's a very simple "law" when it comes to applications/hardware "sluggish-ness". The smaller the device the faster it needs to be for it not to feel sluggish. If I want to make a phone-call on my mobile half a second here and there makes for a very bad user experience. Split-seconds I might not have even noticed if I was waiting for my home computer to finish its task. Continuing, it seems that on every screen (whether it's an app or the os gui) there's too much information. Instead of trying to make a smart screen-switching solution (or whatever) they have tried to fit everything on one screen. There's even a slow Windows-like "start"-menu. It just feels over-complicated for a mobile user experience. The more features you implement the more you need to think about it's presentation/usability.

    I've tried it over and over because it has so much potential but it's just too many features without the user experience. It's the "do one mistake and you have to do it all over again" which is *much* more frustrating on a mobile device than on your home computer where you probably have more time and isn't standing next to someone who's waiting for you to grab some "quick info" on your flashy device.

    It's hardware is yay but the software (OS) is nay... Now I hardly ever use it anymore... *sigh* I have to be honest, if Apple could do this in a better way I'd be the first in line. Uhm, right after the Newston-evangelists I guess.

    Sorry for the rant and beating that poor dead horse.
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    The Newton (and the iPod) have been 'big' lessons for Apple. They now take yesterdays products (1 step behind), include the features that are 'needed' and make them work. The software/service and great industrial design; they are a winning combination.

    Apple (now) redesign good ideas/technology and they produce products that appeal to the masses. They are now second to market... but they do it right.
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    ajpriceajprice Posts: 320member
    I don't think they would do a straight up PDA, it would be a convergence of any or all of these - iPod, iPhone, Apple UMPC/Tablet. If Apple did enter the market, it would be a tough call whether to brand and market it as a big 'iPod Pro' or a small Mac portable.
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    PDAs without cellular capability appear to be going the way of the dodo.
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    gugygugy Posts: 794member
    true, but I see it on the iPod and Iphone.

    PDA by itself is long gone. Apple will never do it.
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