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Ok, for the second time in two weeks, I have been kicked out of my own wireless network. Coincidentally, in the past two weeks there have been two more wireless networks added near my house. I have yet to fix my current problem, but the last time this happened I had to reset my router and choose a different channel. Could the new networks be interfering with mine? I use a Linksys wireless-g router and an Airport Express that I use for Airtunes. I'm sick and tired of resetting my router. What channel should I use. Right now I think I'm on some obscure one like 3 or something like that. I'll check as soon as I have access to the computer that's hooked up to the router. Right now I'm using the network that was just added.


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    Change the channel on both the WAP's. Change it from auto to say 8 and 3. (Note if it is WDS it needs to be on the same channel)

    If that doesn't work change it to a different number. That is more than likely the problem.

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    I've done that and so far it hasn't been interrupted. Thanks.
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