OmniWeb Hint: Shortcuts are case sensitive

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Maybe this is old news to most of you, but I ran across it by accident.

OmniWeb's shortcuts are one of my favorite features, but they can collide sometimes.

Say you have a rule set up that 'ai' expands to '' (as I'm sure we *all* do... ).

Now, what if you want to get to ''? You can't use the 'foo' -> '' trick that comes as one of the standard rules, because the above 'ai' rule takes precedence as more exact.

But... if you type 'AI' or 'aI' or 'Ai', then it *won't* match the 'ai' rule, and gets expanded to '', which is then allowed just spiffily by the resolution rules for URLs.

Totally ran across this by accident just now. (Hit 'a', and Caps Lock at the same time, then 'I' popped out, which bypassed the 'ai' rule.)

Neat trick.


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