iTunes 7, 80 Gig iPod & Acura TTS Problems

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Last year I got the 60 gig video iPod...can't say enough on how much I enjoy it with iTunes 6. I also have a 2004 Acura TL which has the iPod install kit which is called Acura Music Link with Acura TTS (Text to speech). Acura TTS assigns voice tags to all the music on the iPod so you locate your music by, artist, playlists, genere, albums etc. Works fairly well but has some deficiencies that I won't discuss on this thread.

My main problem is that I bought the new 80 gig video iPod and it is not supported by iTunes 6. It will only operate using iTunes 7. After loading my library and playlists using iTunes 7 to my new iPod 80 gig the Acura TTS Music Link assigns ID tags to all the music and playlists from iTunes.

I then plug in the iPod to car connection cable and now the iPod won't play.

If I eliminate the will play the library but only in a random shuffle.

I contacted Honda/Acura about their "Music Link" and TTS and they told me they are working on it. The version I have is Acura TTS 1.0. I was informed that there is a version 1.2 that is out and a version 1.3 is about to be released. I heard that this new 1.3 version should fix the problem.

I was wondering are there any of you out there facing this same dilema?

Contact me with your comments...

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