MacBook Pro & PPC heat protection for wrist area

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I am in horrible pain from the heat that is produced from my PPC. The problem areas are the right and left sides below the keyboard area and to the right and left of the trackpad area. I would love to fund some set of covers that can go over these areas to protect my hands from the discomfort and heat that I am constantly dealing with. This is particularly hard for me because I work on the computer for very long periods at a time. I wish it were as simple as a battery recall, but my serial number is not part of the group. Thanks a great deal for your help, I am dying here. I might even have to give up on getting a new pro and get just the MB, the horror! haha


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    The only thing under those areas are HDs and DVD-ROMs, and neither should run 'hot' in any way... I'd suggest preheating your laptop, and taking it into an Apple store and demonstrating the issue.

    Moereover, if your HD is in so hot an environment that it causes you pain, it is bound to fail much sooner... so back up those documents!
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    Anie, based on shocks (as per your PM to me) I'd for sure take it to a Genius Bar. You may have a statistical lemon on your hands... your issues are neither common nor acceptable for a multi-thousand dollar purchase.
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    I have owned three 17" Powerbooks, and have had my current 17" MBP for 6 months. I can say without a doubt that they are all capable of causing burns unless properly used.

    For example, if I place it on a pillow and play an intensive game like WoW for an hour or so.. The metal just behind the keyboard gets so hot I could easily blister my finger if held there for even a few seconds.

    And since heat is distributed through the case, there's no wonder why the heat can easily be dispersed along the face plate to the palm rests... And my palms are definitely sweaty and uncomfortable during frequent use in poor cooling conditions.

    Point is, it is very common. But keep in mind, iBooks (Macbooks) can get pretty warm too.

    - Xidius
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