iTunes 7 burning / corrupt final track

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Hi all, just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this same problem. I upgraded to iTunes 7 recently, perhaps two weeks ago (no clue when it actually came out, things in life are kind of a whirlwind at the moment). I haven't burned many CDs since upgrading, but I burned two in the last week for playback in my car's CD player. I noticed both had problems when it came to the last or next to last track -- the CD would begin skipping, and I could not track ahead out of the skipping area like you might could a scratch, etc. I usually try to fill my CDs to the 80 minute limit, so this seems to occur in the last 6-7 minutes on the disc. Any help, ideas? It could be my car CD player; I'm going to experiment later tonight to see if my PowerBook itself can read its own CD successfully to the end or not. --phillip


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