Adjusting iTunes Song Volume

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I've a few albums I've imported with iTunes that are meant to be listened to using Apple's new gapless playback. However, when they were imported, iTunes automatically adjusted the volume level for each song (as viewed in the Summary pane of the song's Get Info window and not the user-adjustable Volume Adjustment under the Options pane), and as a result, as iTunes goes from one song to the next, there is a jump in the volume. How do I reset the embedded volume information so that all songs play at the same level? Thanks.


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    Right click/Get info/Options/Volume adjust
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    Originally Posted by ricksbrain

    Right click/Get info/Options/Volume adjust

    I specifically do not want to use that method. ITunes' automatic volume adjustment is done in terms of decibels, but the user-defined volume adjustment is expressed as a percentage. As a result, it's almost impossible to adjust each song to precisely negate the automatic adjustment. Also, it would require that I adjust each song individually, which is very time consuming, as opposed to just resetting all the embedded volume adjustments to 0.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,803moderator
    You can either ask Lundy to write an Applescript to do it - he loves script writing - or you can select all the items at once and do a get info and adjust the volume levels at once. I'm not sure if that will increase/reduce them all by that amount equally though or if it will set them all to the same value.
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