in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
It sure seems to fit with all they are doing?

iCam - Digital Camera 10.0 mega pixels?

or an Video iCam?

It would appear that Apple has less then 30 days to announce some new iPods, before others steal (some) of they're thunder for this holidy selling season.

From ALL I've read, there are a ton of folks waiting for a "wide" screen iPod?

And as far as making an iPod / iPod single unit? I dodn't see the need.

Just wait till the first time someone NEEDS to make an important phone call, and can't 'cuz the damn battery is dead?

Besides which, a Phone is use to make "Phone calls" and an iPod is for listening to music / books / movies (Heck I guess making phone calls on your iPhone, isn't that far fetched)

Ok, so I'm at home / the office and I download a moive to my iPod, and I go home and plug my iPod into my iTV, which also displays any in-coming phone calls on the TV screen, so I can take the call on my iPhone?

Now has this fit into everyones picture?

A single remote that does it all i.e, works all of the devices about, and makes folks buy these items, so they can get rid of all those damn remote controls units???

So is Apple going to buy / buy into a phone company? A media company?

Oh the rumors?
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