Problems Mac Help App + Jaguar

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Anyone else having problems with the built in Mac help application. For me it is so slooow. And often quits at launch.


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    Yes, not only SLOW but mine fails to launch most of the time displaying the spinning beach ball from hell which of course requires a Force Quit. Not pleased at all with this cutting edge feature from Cupertino! I've used fsck -y and Disk Utility trying to clean up things but still no dice. I bet we're not the only ones with this problem!
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    blangblang Posts: 46member
    Yup me too, as a matter of fact its so slow I thought it had frozen and I did a force quit a couple of times.

    It wasn't that it was frozen, it just took so long to come up, the candy cane bar doesn't even move.

    Its the only thing with OS 10.2 I'm having a problem with.
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    donnydonny Posts: 231member
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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Hmm, on my travels this has been the biggest gripe I've heard: the problem seems to be that Help Center is defaulted to go and check the servers for additional information, and there's no way from within the app to stop it. And it takes forever.

    I've unticked the "connect automatically when needed" box in the Session Options pane of PPP options under Network Preferences (I'm on dialup), and this forces Help Center to only interrogate local files, which still involves some candy-bar action, but is nowhere near as slow.

    Update: I've been incredibly patient and clicked on every category in the drawer, waited for each one to do the checks it wants and it actually runs at a reasonable speed now. I suspect it's a matter of keeping it up-to-date, though I'm just indexing the hard drive again to see it that improves things any further.

    I think we need a Preferences panel for Help Center to choose where it goes, or even the option to download this stuff locally.

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    donnydonny Posts: 231member
    It seems to be working much better now for me. Someone suggested that the servers were super busy this last weekend due to the assault on getting Jaguar. I tried using help after reading this opinion, and it seemed to work fine for me.
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    Yea your right. It seems to be working. I guess it was an Apple network issue. I do wish they kept the previous help application. The layout was nicer.
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