Sony Reader

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So what does everyone think of the Sony Reader?


I think an iPod for books is a really good idea. And I love that it can open Word documents and PDFs too.... So do we think people will start pirating literature, or will that just stick with movies/music?

I really like the e-ink technology, that will really reduce eye strain.

The only problem is the thing is friggin overpriced.....


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    Wonderful idea. I would buy one if it weren't for the $350 price tag.
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    Yeah, call me when they get it down to about $50.
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    I've been waiting for e-ink to come around since 1999. $350 is high, and to tell you the truth I wouldn't bother with this for a few years until this stuff gets ironed out.

    A couple of years ago I began a pet project to design a chip that works particularly well for dealing with PDF. The idea would be to put it in something similar to an eink tablet, but moore's law seems to have done better. There are some new ARM9s from Atmel that can do 200 MIPS on 70mW of active power.
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