Hiding Active App Icons

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Im recently new to the mac world with my MBP so I still have some dumb questions.

One that really gets to me is if there is a way to hide the icons of active apps in the dock that I never click. For instance, I love my stattoo but I never, ever click the icon unless im changing preferences which is hardly ever. I use to have qucksilver but decided I didn't need it and finder was good enough for me and the icon was always on the dock but I saw a screencast the other day where the icon was gone which got me on the question if I could hide any active app icon.

So can it be done?



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    Just to clarify, are you talking about apps that are open?
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    they are normally not on my dock but when I launch them they are active on my dock.
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    Use Dockless to hide active apps.
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