firewire drive not ejecting!

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So I recovered and reformatted my drive - now the thing won't eject from the desktop. I realize that was why I messed up yesterday (I pressed eject and pulled the plug as usual, but it hadn't un-mounted).

The icon remains on the desktop and sidebar, despite clicking the eject button, dragging to the trash or right-clicking>eject.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,807moderator
    It may be in use. To check what is running, open the terminal (/applications/utilities/terminal) and type df then hit return. There is an identifier for each drive like /dev/disk0s3. Choose the one that links to your Hard drive partition i.e. the one next to the name of the drive. Then do lsof /dev/disk0s3 and hit return. If it comes up with anything then quit whatever is running using activity monitor or the usual way.

    If you can't be bothered doing that, you can just force eject the drive. Again type df to get the drive ID. Then do hdiutil eject -force /dev/... and hit return.

    I wish Disk Utility had this ability built in to save people using the command line. Disk Utility can also eject drives btw but it will give a warning if they appear to be in use.
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