My Dream App contest - Hijack needs your help!

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There have been a few threads about the My Dream App contest, and the finals are currently under way. Out of the six remaining contestants, three will turn into apps.

My favourite app is Hijack. It is a web forum reading program, designed to aggregate all your boards so you can do things like smart folders (to find threads you might otherwise have missed), a nice interface with no hassling with HTML, easy formatting messages without learning BBCode, and uploading images to Flikr or FTP or whatever.

Training Mode video

Full Screen Mode video

In this final we are not explicitly told how well each app is doing. But I have it on good authority that Hijack is currently in fourth place, with 600 more votes needed to get it up to third and into the running. I really want this app to be made! Please, if you like the idea please help out and vote for Hijack!



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    Vote Hijack! Not Portal, it will be replaced by some new iSync version in the near future most likely.

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