Games on TiBook 667 with 16 MB Vram

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Does anyone have any experience with games like Medal of Honor, Max Payne, Wolfenstein, or Warcraft III on a PowerBook G4 667 with 16 MB VRAM. I want to get some games but don't want to be stuck with crappy gameplay and performace...


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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    I would think it would be somewhat comparable to a current 700 MHz iBook. The two computers have the same graphics chip with the same amount of VRAM, and about the same clock speed (and G4's AltiVec usually doesn't help with games).

    Anyway, I'm not the one to talk about real-world performance. I've heard that the current iBook can hold its own when gaming, but I've never used one, so I don't know for myself.
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    I'm playing WC3, RtCW, and MOHAA on my iBook 600Mhz 384MB ram 8MB vram.

    WC3 is acceptable, RtCW was pretty good, MOHAA (left at its default configs, I havent tried putting things down further) gets a bit choppy when there is a lot of stuff going on. Playable nonetheless.

    I have to say I am very impressed with my iBook.

    PS Running Jaguar
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