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My first post so have patience---My daughter has a new Macbook Pro----We are trying to communicate with her. We can see her, and she can hear and see us. Unfortunately, we can't hear her. I had her check System Preferences/Hardware/Sound and it does show that the built in mic on her Mac is functioning. Unfortunately, we can't hear her. Any ideas what the problem might be---we are using AOL Messenger for Video Chat--she is too.


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    Why not use iChat? I don't know how to fix your problem, but maybe trying iChat will help point you in the direction of the problem. If it works in iChat then you know that AOL is the problem. AOL Messenger is really a crap program. I recommend Adium X. It's free, but it doesn't support video, yet.
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    Thanks---I don't own the Mac--my daughter does so I use a PC----It must be something in AOL because I can see and HEAR a friend is using AOL from his PC>
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    Ok, sorry I couldn't help.
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    sorry, i cannot help you out.
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    Use Skype! It works great. You will both need a FREE skype account. I know of several other people that have had troubles with iChat and AOL. Skype 2.0 includes video too so you can talk and see eachother even if one has a PC.
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