Chirping sounds on a G4

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I recall a while ago that people with G5s experienced 'chirping' noises (I have heard them), and to solve it, 'nap mode' was turned off using the CHUD tools. On my MDD G4 I keep 'nap mode' on (using an old version of CHUD tools), as the CPU temperature is significantly lower, and thus the computer is a lot quieter. Well I just found out that my MDD G4 is exhibiting this same chirping behavior!

Has anyone else out there experienced this?

I also found that if you turn nap mode off, switch to single processor, turn nap mode on, and switch back to dual processor, nap mode is on and the chirping is off, but in reality nap mode is off as the temperature goes up. Weird stuff...
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