iTunes 7.0.2 help

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Help me. My iTunes store keeps switching to the Japanese store. When I click on the iTunes store selector thing and scoll to US it gives me error (after 5 min of loading) that says iTunes Store Error. I get it to work sometimes but not always. and then osx gets messed up. when i click on a top menu and scroll through it, I have to hold and let go on the command I want, it doesn't highlight and and wont stay up unless I hold down the mouse. and when i have to click on the bottom of the screen to get my dock out of hide and it doesn?t magnify the icons. I?m running 10.3.9 on an eMac 1.42 superdrive with iTunes 7.0.2. It started happening with 7.0.2 its really annoying. Any advice? Thanks


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    so i've read around some more and found that a lot of people are having the problem with the random store switch but i sometimes can't get back to the US store and os x sometimes freaks out with the whole mouse cursor thing.
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