New Macbook, need some advice.

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Hey guys I got a new macbook, I'm a new mac user and I need some advice.

First how do I hook it up to my external monitor so I can just use my external monitor and keyboard and close the macbook? Mirroring isn't working as it defaults to the low 1280x800 resolution.

2. Is there a key that acts like the del key on a windows system? Something that will delete what is in front of the cursor.

3. Can I leave it turned on all night long and for days on end like I can my windows tower?

4. What is that second cord used for, the big thick one?

5. Can you recommend a good external DVD-RW drive as my macbook can't burn DVD's.

6. Can you recommend a good external hard drive?

7. How do I get a 5 button Microsoft mouse to go back and forward with the forth and fifth button in firefox or the finder?



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    1. Connect your display to the MacBook. Start up your MacBook. Connect keyboard and mouse and the power cord. Close the lid, MacBook goes to sleep mode. Make sure the display is on. Press any key on the keyboard. MacBook wakes up and your external display is now the only one. To prevent overheating, it's advised to open the MacBook lid again (overheating of the internal display could occur).

    2. Use the "fn" key plus the regular backspace key top right.

    3. You can leave it on, but make sure the MacBook is put onto any flat surface and not on your bed or something. Putting two erasers under the back of your MacBook (which lifts it up a bit) will also help cooling it better.

    4. You mean the power cord? The plug which is directly connected to the power brick has no ground plug. The longer power cord does. I think it's better to use the grounded one, i.e. the power brick connected to the long cable.

    5. & 6. I use LaCie drives and CDRWs for years now and never had a single problem with any of their problems. Support is excellent, too (at least here in Switzerland).

    7. Try downloading the OS X mouse software from the MS site, there you should be able to do this.

    Good luck!
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    on 4 -- you should notice that you can slide off the plug connector from the powercord. this will let you connect that longer cord to extend the length of your powercord. it's useful as a way to keep the macbook plugged in and portable without having to duck under your desk each time.
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    Thanks for everything. I now see what that other cord is for, very useful.

    Do you guys have any recommendations for a 5 button white bluetooth mouse that has sidescroll? I know that's pretty specific, I guess it doesn't have to be white or bluetooth, just wireless and 5 button.

    Also is there a way to get this machine not to sleep when I close the lid? Is it not recommended to do that for any reasons?

    Thanks so much.
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