C++ for OS X (freeware)

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Are there any 3rd party C++ programming environments I can you, or that you suggest?


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    get emacs and gcc. that's all you need. they are both completely free (including source code) from the <a href="http://www.gnu.org/"; target="_blank">free software foundation</a>. apple's dev tools come with a version of gcc, slightly modified (to take better advantage of apple's sw/hw). emacs is a great text editor (some versions integrate with gcc and other compilers, so you don't have to switch back to the shell to compile).

    if you need a full ide, project builder is completely free with osx (on the dev cd).
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    Emacs, like <a href="http://linuxisforbitches.com"; target="_blank">Linux</a>, is for bitches. Real men use VIM.
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    [quote]Originally posted by DisgruntledQS733Owner:

    <strong>Emacs, like <a href="http://linuxisforbitches.com"; target="_blank">Linux</a>, is for bitches. Real men use VIM.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I second the notion of showing off the bling bling and using <a href="http://www.vim.org/"; target="_blank">VIM</a> and g++.
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    now if you were a real man you would use sed

    vi & emacs is for wussies



    actually install fink & xdarwin & use kdevelop

    its a very very nice ide along the lines

    of vc++
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    Not to be obtuse ast3r3x, but... why?

    Is there something that PB/IB/g++ doesn't do that you need, or are you just looking into options?

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    There's always CodeWarrior. The student edition isn't too expensive if I recall.
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    Options, just to see if there is anything I'd like better. I guess I'll just stick with PB/IB.

    -Another reason I was looking is because I'd like to be able to make PC programs on my Mac in C/C++ (on a PC login system there are many things you can do with apps that are great fun). I'd tell you some but they are not legal and well I just really dont feel safe posting them on the internet...those IT guys hold grudges, haha
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    I take it what you mean is "You can write DOS apps that do DOS."

    Well, if the Windows machine in question has the POSIX layer installed (is it default now on NT/2000 systems?), then it should be able to run most non-GUI apps you write in C++ using gcc to compile, on the Mac. You'd still have to recompile them on the Windows side of course, but they should work just fine.
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