Anyone else having MBP sleep problems?

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I'm running OS 10.4.8 on my 15" MBP. I think it was only after the 10.4.8 update that I began to notice that my MBP wasn't going to sleep all the way when I closed the lid. I'd either notice the sound of the fans and hard drive running when I expected my closed MBP to be silent, or I'd pick up the computer expecting it to be cool, but find it mildly warm.

I realize that for people running an external display and keyboard it is sometimes desirable to close up your laptop and have it remain awake, but I don't think that should have anything to do with what I'm seeing here with no external display or keyboard, and besides, the unexpected lack of sleep is inconsistent anyway.

After around the third time I noticed this problem, I rebooted my MBP. As soon as it finished booting up, I closed the lid, the display went dark (judging by the lack of light leaking out around the edges of the lid and the darkened Apple logo on the lid) and, as I usually expect, several seconds later the fans shut off, the drive spun down, and the latch LED began to slowly pulsate from bright to dim. (This is all happening, by the way, while running on AC power.) I began to hope that all I'd needed was that reboot to make everything OK again.

But later on, I closed the lid and all I got was the darkened display, but fans and the disk drive kept running, and the latch LED never started pulsating. I could fix this problem by popping the lid open and explicitly telling my MBP to sleep through the Finder menu, then closing the lid again, but I never used to have to force the issue like that.


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    I think I'm having problems. I don't think the LCD is turning off all the way. I think it's saying on and bit. Plus it seems to burn batteries up when it's in sleep. My old 12" G4 could go weeks in sleep mode and not use much of the battery at all. This new powerbook seems to burn the battery up in day when it's in sleep.

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    And also ...

    The screen lock does not alway active when lid down sleeping and often it wakes up hard from sleep. I'll pop the lid open and wait, then I have to hit the space bar to get the login screen, login then it goes right back to sleep. Sometimes I even have to close the lid and reopen to get the login screen back.

    I'm expecting and update from apple
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