Anything like Scansoft Paperport for the Mac? Document Organization software?

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I use Scansoft Paperport for the PC for sorting/storing documents. I know it's not available for the Mac and maybe there is something better or maybe it's because of the Mac and the software is built in. Any suggestions on what I could use on the Mac or other options for something to sort/organize documents where you can search documents for data, etc?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Spotlight won't do it for you?

    A buddy of mine whipped up a script to:

    1) Scan documents

    2) Run an OCR app on them

    3) Produce a single PDF merging the text and images

    Spotlight took care of the rest.
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    could this be what you're looking for: Yep?
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    What does Mac have that does the same as Paperport ?

    Can anybody help ?
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    Look like the just released DevonThink Office might be what your looking for!
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