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Hey all,

Heres the situation, I have two email accounts that i check reguarly, google mail and my university webmail, I have apples mail app set-up to download the emails from the google mail account and this works fine. However i also want to use the mail app to download emails from the my university webmail. I have set up mail app to download them and it works, only the problem is that it put email form both account into the same inbox.

So isit possible to have TWO separate inboxes one for my gmail and one for universtiy webmail both within mail?


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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 561member
    Apple's Mail does just that. If you click the little triangle beside the Inbox, you can see each separate mailbox. Click on one to view just that mailbox.
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    Oh right thanks mate!

    I feel like such a noob lol
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    jabohnjabohn Posts: 561member
    No problemo!
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