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I've been waiting to upgrade my 4th Generation color iPod for some time, since I want to be able to watch video podcasts (mainly), music videos, and (in extremely rare occasions) movies (since I work full time and study at night and I dont have time to watch movies on the go. I would only watch movies on a plane, which I only go once or twice a year). I commute on a train everyday and i would like to watch podcasts. I have a PSP but I want something smaller.

My usage would be: 75% Music, 25% Videos

I dont want a full screen iPod but I fear upgrading right now because nobody is sure on what will come next. I already got burned when I bought my 4g color 2 months before the 5th generation. What features am I waiting for? 1- FM Radio (I would use it every morning) 2- Maybe a less scratch prone surface.

Im concerned since the recent upgrade was labelled 5.5G, meaning the 6G will be coming out in a few months. But if the 6G is the full screen, Im not interested and will buy 5.5G 80gb. But if the full screen is a separate iPod line, that means there will still be a 6G coming soon that nobody has any idea what it could be like.

What do you recomend? Wait for 6g or buy the 80gb 5.5G?

I'll appreciate your advice.


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,219member
    There will always be something new coming real soon now. An iPod is a discretionary purchase. You don't have buy a new one. But if you want a new iPod, then buy the new iPod. Understand that if you make the purchase tomorrow, next week, or next year, there will be a new iPod coming real soon now.
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    Sounds like your choice is simple, buy the current 80 gig. If they are coming out with a 6G in the next few months it will be a widescreen. At this point in time releasing a new ipod with the current form factor would be pointless considering they just released one. So if you like the current design, buy now.
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    You can buy a add on FM receiver that interfaces with the ipod so you can change channels and stuff on the screen. Just go with the 80 gig 5.5g and the FM receiver.
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    krispiekrispie Posts: 260member
    If you need one, buy it.

    If you don't, wait.

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    sandausandau Posts: 1,230member
    wait until the next mode 6G, i think (personal opinion) the new options will be worthwhile (bigger screen, different controls, better hardware). You know its coming zune, i mean soon. (expect it right after zune).
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