MacBook "i'm lovin' it!"

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Hi all,

Just bought a basic model MacBook (as I'm giving my 20inch G5 iMac to my daughter - I need the portability).

I decided just to get the basic model as I didn't really need the superdrive.

I have just got to say I really love it!

What a surprise to find this machine surpasses my old G5. It feels like all the best things I wanted in a mac have been condensed and concentrated into this small notebook, it has a total quality feel. The screen is fantastic, vivid colours; the clarity is amazing. I love the trackpad - 2 finger tap for secondary button and 2 finger's a joy!!

The speed increase over the G5 was surprising. I just downloaded Google Earth and it runs smooth and All the native apps appear speedier, of course if i have too many running it slows things down; I only have the 512mb.

I have just got to say this little machine is a proper bargain.

If any one out there is mulling over whether to buy an Intel Mac to replace or compliment a G5, jump in, the water is nice and warm!!!!!


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    Cool I just bought the same machine four days ago. But unlike you this is my first mac. The more I use it the more I like though.

    Compared to my newly upgraded PC, which is a Core 2 Duo at 1.83Ghz and 512RAM, this macbook is about the same speed. But the PC has older PC2700 DDR in it, I have yet to upgrade that.

    Even so, I'm happy. I plan to do everything I did on my PC on this new machine, video editing, photoshop, dreamweaver and 30 firefox windows all at the same time.
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    RedDel, congrats. on switching (I switched 2 years ago). You won't regret it. The Mac OS will allow you to be more productive. There is very little maintenance with the os, no defraging, virus / spyware checking & upgrading etc.

    Once you have tweeked the sytem preferences and learnt some of the OS shortcuts your productivity will go off the scale; mine did!

    iLife is a really cool collection of apps and what you can produce with it will amaze your friends.

    Check out my family website (my cousin - a die hard windows fan, switched to Mac on the back of it). I'ts a bit cheesy in places but I have a video podcast going on, a blog and a 35 min iMovie streaming. I have no technical ability whatsoever and if it wasn't for iLife I would not be able to produce it.

    My web page
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    Congrats on the MacBook . . . i did the same as you and sold my old G5 . . thought I'd regret it, but the macbook kicks it's *ss
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