in macOS edited January 2014

I have 2 users and 2 macs at home, both users are admin on each mac. USER A logs into MAC A, and USER B logs into MAC B. The logins aren't important for privacy. We've each set up the MAC with shortcuts to our liking, but only under the login we use on each mac.

I use Chronosynch and often have permissions issues on synching files between the two macs. Sometimes files will show created by USER A, and the default permisions is Read/Only for others. We can change this manually (since we are both Admins), but I'd love to have 1 login and avoid this problem. Is there a way to change login information, or copy all current settings from 1 login to another (on the same mac).

I thought if both logins were admins there wouldn't be any file sharing issue. Any help would be appreciated.
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