Replacing a near-new iPod with a bigger new iPod at the store?

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Ok, feel free to call me a jackass and a dummy for asking this question, but is it possible to take my week-old, shiny-new iPod to the Apple store and upgrade to a bigger one?

I bought the 4 GB red Nano last week, and now the 8 GB is out - I'll gladly pay the extra $50 , and I could definitely use the increased storage.

(Why didn't I just buy an 8 GB one the first time? I really wanted the product(red). Really.)

So, as laughable as this question is, I'm thinking there must be some precedent: can I walk into the Apple Store with my current iPod, pay the upgrade price, and walk out with an 8 GB? Just asking.


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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    If you didn't have it engraved, you can probably talk them into letting you exchange it, but they may charge you a "restocking fee" of 10%.
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    I didn't have it engraved. I thought the restocking fee would apply... hmmm.
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    The Apple Store has a 14 day return policy (p.s. you can't get an iPod engraved in-store, so that doesn't apply). You don't have to provide more than a "I want to return it" and they will comply. There is a 10% restocking fee.

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