OSX Tiger disk freezes machine, stuck in CD drive

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I tried to update a single partition of my G4 800 to Tiger. When I inserted the Tiger disk, it said "restart to begin installation". I hit "OK", then got the spinning wheel of death for an hour on restart. The disk won't eject. I can either start the machine with the deathwheel, or shut it off with the disk still in the drive.

Where should I start?


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    rob05aurob05au Posts: 348member
    Is the disc spinning in the drive?

    If it is you can hard shutdown and then restart holding down either the mouse or eject ket if you have and extended keyboard and this will make the CD eject.
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    Not sure if it's relevant, but some computers need a firmware update to install Tiger, I think... Something to check, maybe.
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    if you could post some info from the system profiler it would help also as the above question is a good starting place before trying to install tiger.

    1. maching model

    2. current boot rom version

    with these two I could tell you if your mac firmware needs to be updates or not for a tiger install.
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    Got the disk out with the restart trick, thanks! However, you may be right about the firmware update, since I don't have any options once I insert the Tiger CD - it only says "click OK to restart and begin installation", then the spinning wheel begins.

    The Machine Model is: Power Mac G4 (version 2.1)

    Boot ROM info reads: 4.3.3f2

    Hope this means something to somebody!
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    You have the current firmware for your mac and there are no other updates.

    Which model CD/DVD drive do you have?

    Also 10.4 should install without any problems on your mac. Apart from the CD/DVD getting stuck.

    Can you let me know what happens with the drive before the CD/DVD gets stuck as it may help find a solution for you.
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