Balda/Bad Oeyenhausen supplier of videoPod

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
the printed December issue of German Maclife-Magazine published an article, that Balda AG, located in Bad Oeynhausen in Germany, signed an "Early Supplier Involvment" contract with Apple.

Balda is known in the industry for engineering covers, keyboards and displays for mobile phones from Alcatel, Nokia, Moto, Sagem and Sony Ericcson.

the article goes in detail: the launch of an videoPod was planned for this year Xmas, but due to trouble with the touchscreen technology (what is intended, what is incidently? "touchsensibilty"), delivery is forcasted to I.Quarter '07, latest II. Quarter..

also unknown is the need of s stencil (as on Palms..)

the article is illustrated with one of the well-known mockups ...
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