Copy/paste bug in Mail (OS X's, that is)

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I've been having a little trouble copying text out of Mail to paste into other applications. No matter what kind of e-mail message -- plain text or HTML -- and no matter what I copy -- part of the header, a full paragraph, a portion of a word -- when I paste what I've copied, there's an invisible garbage character appended to the beginning of the copied text.

Saving the results and viewing them using "od -h foo.txt", I see that the garbage character is 1A -- a control-Z.

Anyone else run into this yet? I'm using Jaguar. Although I've been using OS X for some time, it's only now that I've decided to give Mail a try as my main e-mail application, so I don't know if this is a new bug as of 10.2, or if it's been there a while.
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