iMac G5; New HDD now crashing

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
This week I upgraded the hard drive in my 17" iMac G5 from the standard 80GB to a 250GB. I installed OS X panther, than upgraded to Tiger to make sure my included apps installed. My problem is when the computer goes to sleep by itself, it crashes close to 80% of the time when I wake it up. I get the screen saying "You must restart you computer" It only crashes coming back from sleep, and only seems to do it when it goes to sleep by itself. I've even tried the entire installation a second time to see if something just went wrong the first time.

Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing it? Thanks in advance.


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    That's a kernel panic. It can be caused for a number of reasons, but it's often due to bad RAM, or badly-seated RAM. You may have accidentally loosened something when installing the hard drive?

    First check if the RAM is securely in place. If so, remove it in various combinations to try and isolate whether one of the modules may be faulty.

    There's likely other things that can cause this. Try a search on the site for "kernel panic."
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    Thanks, I'll check the RAM. I decided to set the computer to go to sleep in 1 minute to make it sleep faster and tried waking it. Each time it crashed coming waking up. I then tried putting the computer to sleep manually, and waking it. Each time it woke fine. I think this isolates the problem to only when it sleeps by itself.
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