What TAVi has and the iPod doesn't

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Check out this PMP... it has a ridiculous amount of capability, including video and optical audio out, playing of many formats, audio/fm recording, and BUILT IN USB HOST CAPABILITY which means it can just hook up to a camera or other PMP and get stuff off of it. You can read e-books off of it too. It also has a 3.5 inch screen... interesting...

I wouldn't replace my iPod with this for listening to music or anything, but I feel like this type of product has potential, with versatility in playing formats and output features that beat the iPod's... sort of what iPod SHOULD be for movies, but isn't yet. In fact, as soon as this thing supports VIDEO_TS, I think I'm gonna buy it.

Any thoughts?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,222moderator
    Apple really need to expand their format support - that much is true even from Quicktime, which still doesn't support AC3 and Mpeg-2 by default, which is ridiculous. Even the Apple Mpeg-2 component won't support AC3, you have to get two separate components. There are plenty open source formats and code, Apple just needs to use them.
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