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I've recently started to use Pages (on my new 20" Mac, woohoo!) and I'm becoming really confused about it.

My problem comes down to the margins. I'm currently writing a business report as a piece of coursework, I have a title page and various contents pages. I want to split up my pages and have various margins but everytime I move a margin for one piece of text the margin's in every single page (including headers and footers etc.) also move. Is there anyway you can just move the margins of one section of text without it interupting the whole document?

Sorry, this is probably a really trivial question.


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    You have to use sections.

    From Pages help:

    specifying section attributes

    After you insert a section break, you can use the Layout Inspector to format the new section. Each section can have different margins, headers and footers, numbers of columns, master objects, or page-numbering schemes than other sections in the document.

    To format a section:

    Click inside the section you want to format.

    Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Layout Inspector button.

    Do one or more of the following:

    To modify text columns or adjust margins, click the Layout button and make changes.

    To start a new page-numbering scheme for the section, click the Section button, and then click the "Start at" button and select a number for the first page in the section.

    To create new headers and footers, click the Section button, and then deselect the "Use previous headers & footers" checkbox.

    To make the section begin on a right or left page, click the Section button, and then choose an option from the "Section starts on" pop-up menu.

    To make formatting changes to the first page of a section without affecting other pages in the section, click the Section button, and then select the "First page is different" checkbox.

    To make formatting changes to the left pages in a section without affecting the right pages (and vice versa), click the Section button, and then select the "Left and right pages are different" checkbox.

    You can also define section endnotes.
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