help with iSight: "Used by another application"

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
hi, i need some help with my cd macbook isight. it was working fine until a couple days ago, i think after i archived and re-installed osx to fix a rosetta problem, the isight has stopped working. when i click on photo booth or try to use ichat, it comes up with the dialog window saying that isight is being used by another application, even when i rebooted and have no other programs running. when i check the system profiler, it still shows up, but just doesn't seem to work. any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    Have you checked Activity Monitor?
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    yeah, i checked activity monitor and didn't see anything obvious that could be using isight. plus, wouldn't resetting close any app that might be using it? any other suggestions on what to do?
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    hmmm, nevermind. i just shut the computer down for a few minutes and restarted and it's fine now. :P strange, it didn't do this before during a restart...oh well, thanks anyways.
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